It's largely the young

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It's largely the young

Postby Weismart » Thu Mar 04, 2021 10:37 am

And then they start falling all these microaggressions and Animal Crossing Bells casual racist suppositions to the dialogue until the Space Buns controversy really is a binary battle between racists and everybody else.I can not even put in words how fucking dumb this is. What is with the accelerated decline of reasonable people on twitter at the past couple of years?

See? The SJWs are out of control!!" .

Depends how you utilize the platform. I've got lists of muted phrases and I run blockchains that filter out 95% of the terrible content, and that I run a Chrome extension to conceal the trending topics. You receive the occasional twat but my corner is relatively sane.I want state you are correct, but Twitter keeps losing its head over the specific same discourse which Tumblr already had 5 years ago as though it's brand-new, so I don't know whether it is the Tumblr refugees...

It's largely the young, early teenaged biproducts of people who moved from Tumblr. They started out on Twitter at way too young an age. You can usually tell who has essentially been increased by stan Twitter.The way Twitter is built is also to blame here. The website U.I punish neuance and sophistication, and the way messeges propagate rewards intense remarks and buy Animal Crossing Items anger causing tweets.

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