Recruiting players for DND

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Recruiting players for DND

Postby Zoe » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:35 pm

I am currently looking to DM a campaign online via skype / hangouts from mid March / beginning April. If anyone is interested please contact me via

I have put additional information up on google drive - ... rHTtUMmaI/

Campaign will start in the city of Neverwinter and will be a weekly session of approximately 2 hours. Will vote on a time once I have reached 5 interested players.

- Stable internet
- A webcam is preferred as I am planning to stream to twitch, but is not required.
- The ability to remain focused during the session. If you are in an internet cafe or you are constantly interrupted this breaks immersion.

My GM style:
- I focus primarily on role play and encourage all players to consider what their character would do and not what the best possible move is.
- I will make a call about a rule, if it seems overpowered or you feel I made the wrong call pm me privately afterwards and I will do some research on the rules.
- There will be no grid in play. You will tell me what you are wanting to do and using dice rules / my discretion the game will move forward.
- I encourage all players to act out any conversations instead of declaring 'I asked them about the strange occurrences in the beggar's nest.' If you are uncomfortable with this I won't penalize you for it as I understand not everyone is comfortable with role playing. Hopefully that changes :)
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