How to increase FPS in Final Fantasy XIV?

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How to increase FPS in Final Fantasy XIV?

Postby gamefans » Tue Jan 11, 2022 5:16 am

Some gamers might have struggled with low FPS that influenced their game experience in Final Fantasy XIV. The good news is, there are some basic tricks to improve FPS in your game.

Adjust FPS alternatives

Initially, you can validate if the video game's FPS match your display's. If your collection can get to 144 FPS, for instance, you may not obtain them in the game since the default cap will undoubtedly be established also low by default.

Head to System Configuration and scroll to the Frame Rate classification to confirm if your game's frame rate is capped. It would certainly aid if you had several predetermined alternatives: None, your screen's frame prices, it's half or quarter. For a 144 Hz screen, the choices will undoubtedly be 144 fps, 72, or 36.

It's ideal to choose a 1/1 rate if your display can go higher, though. This way, gamers would undoubtedly get a higher refresh rate, resulting in smoother gameplay.

On top of that, restricting the frame rate when the client is inactive and away from the key-board might likewise help the gamers' computer systems not to heat up when they are out, causing smoother gameplay when they are ultimately back once more to play the game.

Survive the crowd

When locations are crowded, it can hurt your game experience.

There's a very straightforward method to surviving the crowd in FFXIV. Head to your Personality's Configuration (not System), enter the Control Settings, Personality tab, and scroll down. In the "Battle Effect Settings" sections, tick "Show Limited" instead of "Show All" in Various others.

It'll make mostly all battle results from other gamers disappear. If you like seeing it but do not wish to have your screen cluttered by it, maintain Celebration in "Show All" to see the impacts of your allies just (so approximately 7 gamers).

The other option is to restrict the number of characters received in one area. It can be performed in System Configuration. Head to the various Settings icon and the "Display Limits" area. You can restrict the Character and Object quantity so that your configuration can make fewer items and also avoid FPS drops. Go into Limsa Plaza and change it to see how you choose to restrict it and just how it enhances your performance.

Readjust graphical settings

Here are the graphical choices you can use to enhance the game's performance. Head to your System Configuration, pick the Graphic Settings icon and change some settings.

• Disable wet surface effects
• Disable rendering of objects when not visible
• Use low-detail models on distant objects
• Put Grass Quality, Parallax Occlusion, Tessellation, Glare, and Map Resolution too low
• Disable them all if you need more FPS
• Lower the Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. The background environment will look worse, but it also takes a lot of resources.

1. General

1). Wet Surface Settings

Transforming wet surface off is still an improvement for a player's total FPS. A gamer can get around 3-6% enhancement in the level of smoothness and gameplay when turning this setting off.

2). Rendering

Disabling rendering of items when they're not noticeable is an essential setting that influences FPS substantially. This is because the rendering of items can make a player lag and even induce stuttering. Disabling rendering when things are not visible, or occlusion culling might improve FPS and the smoothness of the gameplay.

3). LOD

An additional setting that is likewise exceptionally vital is using low-detail models on small items. This setting can enhance smoothness and gameplay by 6-15%, specifically in newer locations with even more details. Using reduced information on distant objects can aid make the gameplay go smoother.

4). Various Other Graphics Quality

Establishing Transparent Lighting Quality, Grass Quality, Parallax Occlusion, and Tessellation choices in Typical rather than high can help improve the FPS and the level of smoothness of the video game by 5-15%.

2. Shadows

Darkness is a setup that consumes FPS when switched on, particularly all at once. For players battling with reduced FPS, stuttering, and lag, concealing all shadows establishing might improve efficiency by 10% or even more.

3. Results

Transforming off-screen room Ambient Occlusion can also raise a gamer's efficiency in gameplay by 2-3%. Similarly, establishing the Glare and Water Refraction settings in Low or transforming them off can improve a player's FPS and performance by 5-10%.

In FFXIV, decreasing those graphical choices won't affect the general quality of the video game much while improving efficiency by almost 15 percent, so it's worth the try.

Doing this can boost the FPS of a player's video game. Stay tuned to this page for even more gameplay, guides, tips, and get the cheapest FFXIV Gil.

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