I'll raise the purchase price of this quarries and rooms

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I'll raise the purchase price of this quarries and rooms

Postby nanchen » Mon Mar 15, 2021 5:55 am

I'll raise the purchase price of RS gold this quarries and rooms if any further complaints about that, also aren't they supposed to spend near 6m on Construction ALONE without all this? Also not a lot of individuals have 85 mining and 99 structure. 214 individuals have 99 Construction.

Most of the ones I looked up have 85 mining. So I will say roughly about 95% of them have 85+ mining that means 182 of these 214 have 85+ mining, and with all the triple length respawn I doubt it's likely to be overabused, too thanks for alerting me to add you can just have 1 OF EACH TYPE OF SKILL ROOM. (Just 1 mining, and one farming).

I think you misunderstand. For somebody with 99 Structure (which costs a whole lot more than 6 million, even with all the cheapest way ever done - normal wooden chairs), the quarry would need to charge 20M+ to dissuade them from making insane profits off rune ores. And also the respawn time is completely insignificant, because most players can and do mine rune ore whilst world switching.

Ok, 1 thing that I notice about the celebration room is, should you organise an event for your freinds, people come in the party home and take things. This might not be such a good concept, but an annoying noob who picks up teh big item on your fall could be annoying. Therefore, if you speak to celebration Pete you are able to ask him... Castle: 7,000 coins, then a smaller celebration room,20 sqaures by 20 sqaures, every corner has a water cannon. It is possible to use them to soak people in the party, no effects besides they pull of a fearful emotion.

Arena: 10,000 coins. The stadium is the size of a home room, using a tiny entrance/respawn corridor. You can fight everyone in cheap OSRS gold the stadium, if you're killed you lose nothing adn should wait 10 seconds before respawning from the respawn location. Balloons drop down form the ceiling once the leaver is pulled. The rarest thing is retained back and dropped in the middle at the end.

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