LEVELS 1-25 Creatures about Lumbridge.

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LEVELS 1-25 Creatures about Lumbridge.

Postby appleDR » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:24 am

LEVELS 1-25 Creatures about Lumbridge. At the beginning you really wish to RS gold fight whatever comes your way. If you're new to the sport and need cash for your very first Ranged gear you can grab cow hides and bank them to market at Grand Exchange to get just a little bit of profit.

LEVELS 25-50 Sand Crabs close Hosidius House. You can do this by speaking to Veos in Port Sarim. After that only run south through the beach till you locate Sand Crabs. Leveling them on is very easy because of their terrible defence stats and higher wellness pool. Just make sure you bring best possible armour to your level and inventory filled with meals because they might strike from time to time.

LEVELS 50-61 Ammonite Crabs at Fossil Island. After finishing Bone Voyage quest you can move to Fossil Island to fight Ammonite Crabs. Those are far better than their Sand cousins because they have added 40hp. Thanks to this you can afk little bit longer while fighting them than on preceding animals. If you do not have prerequisites for Bone Voyage or merely don't want to do it then you can slay Sand, Rock or even Moss Crabs for as long as you wish to.

LEVELS 61+ Cannoning Dagannoths. In case you have finished Horror of the Deep quest you also have unlocked Dagannoth cave. Bring with you Prayer Potions, Ranging Potions, best equipment which you could use and runes for Bones to Peaches spell. As these monsters are both ranged and melee that you want to OSRS gold For Sale switch your prayers accordingly. They might hurt a bit but you could always regain your health with fruits that you have made. This is a great but expensive way and in the event that you can't afford it just go back to killing fishes.

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