8bitActionHero's Application

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8bitActionHero's Application

Postby 8bitActionHero » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:31 pm

Section 1
1.1 General Online Name: 8bitActionHero (but I registered my ArenaNet account under LEGOptimusPrime and now I can't change it)
1.2 Where are you? (Country, City): South Africa, Pretoria
1.3 How did you find Sorted? (Forums, Friend suggested etc): I had to Google
1.4 Do you have Discord (Voice Comms)? Yes

Section 2
2.1 Know anyone in Sorted? A bit of vouching goes a long way!: Unfortunately, not yet
2.2 Tell us a bit about you, where you are from, your gaming history, your game genre preferences etc: Stepped into online gaming not too long ago, with Battlefield 4 in 2015. Since then I've played some Division, Titanfall 1 & 2, Battlefield 1 and at the moment mostly Overwatch. But the main reason I'm applying is because I just started playing Guild Wars 2 for the first time.
2.3 Give us an example of something funny that happened to you while gaming. This question counts double marks! : Seriously can't think of anything right now. Does spilling my coffee all over my keyboard count? I didn't think it was very funny, but I'm sure some of you can relate and possibly smile with me in solidarity?
2.4 What are you hoping for from Sorted? : Community. I'm a very casual gamer, but I do play to win just as much as I play to have a memorable fun experience. I am still part of a Battlefield clan, the only one I've ever really been part of and (for me, anyway) 90% of the fun while playing comes from the interactions we have.

The following section needs only to be answered if you intend on joining Sorted on Any of our MMO's (GW2 and/or WoW). If you have no intention of joining for any of these MMOs you may skip section 3.

Section 3
3.1 Game (GW2, WoW please specify EU or NA) ?: GW2 EU
3.2 Character Name: Jennifaeri (LEGOptimusPrime.1904)
3.3 Character Race and Class: Human, Female, Engineer
3.4 Level & Spec: 2 (just started playing)
3.5 If you were to Raid/PvP, what days and times suit you for group activity?: Weekends, some weekday evenings
3.6 How long have you been playing MMOs for?: Just started
3.7 Any previous raiding experience?: (eg. WoW Ulduar with Sorted on Whisperwind): No
3.8 Do you PvP?: Guess, I would like to
3.9 If necessary, would you be okay respeccing your toon to fill a need in Sorted?: Hell yeah

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Re: 8bitActionHero's Application

Postby Marz » Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:01 am

Welcome to the community
In game invite and mail sent :)

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