Vaskr Application

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Vaskr Application

Postby Vaskr » Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:08 pm

<Sorted Gaming> Application Form

Section 1
1.1 General Online Name: Vaskr
1.2 Where are you? (Country, City): South Africa, Johannesburg
1.3 How did you find Sorted? (Forums, Friend suggested etc): Bnet post
1.4 Do you have Discord (Voice Comms)? Yes

Section 2
2.1 Know anyone in Sorted? A bit of vouching goes a long way!: Nope, sorry.
2.2 Tell us a bit about you, where you are from, your gaming history, your game genre preferences etc: Played all sorts: DOTA, TF2, Starcraft. Now playing WOW.
2.3 Give us an example of something funny that happened to you while gaming. This question counts double marks! : Once ran a sneaky LAN cable across garden to a secret shed setup for a forbidden Dota 2 LAN. LAN was great but got caught... Feels Bad Man.
2.4 What are you hoping for from Sorted? : An awesome guild for progression and general good times.

The following section needs only to be answered if you intend on joining Sorted on Any of our MMO's (GW2 and/or WoW). If you have no intention of joining for any of these MMOs you may skip section 3.

Section 3
3.1 Game (GW2, WoW please specify EU or NA) ?: WOW EU
3.2 Character Name: Vaskr
3.3 Character Race and Class: Tauren-Warrior (BE - Mage alt)
3.4 Level & Spec: 110 ilvl-849
3.5 If you were to Raid/PvP, what days and times suit you for group activity?: Stated times are good for me.
3.6 How long have you been playing MMOs for?: Legion
3.7 Any previous raiding experience?: (eg. WoW Ulduar with Sorted on Whisperwind): No
3.8 Do you PvP?: No
3.9 If necessary, would you be okay respeccing your toon to fill a need in Sorted?: Definitely!

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Re: Vaskr Application

Postby Vale » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:13 am

Hi Vaskr

Welcome to Sorted.

I dont think its possible to have a sneaky Dota LAN, good job trying though.

Whisper me in game for a Invite.

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Re: Vaskr Application

Postby Marz » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:35 am

Forum permissions updated

A sneaky cable ROFL!!!
I would have loved to be there to see that

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