VanishedSoup Application

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VanishedSoup Application

Postby VanishedSoup » Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:13 pm

General Online name:
VanishedSoup, Sebster

I am living in Sweden, in a town called Landskrona.
I found Sorted through my friend Azioxwinz (Marianic in-game) and thought I might give it a try.

I do have team speak, but Discord can be easily fixed.

Okay, so as I wrote, my irl friend Marianic gave me a tip that you needed healers, and so here I am!

I've basically played healer since mid cataclysm I'd say, but have been on and off from WoW since vanilla. But then again, I was quite young during that time so I had no idea what I was doing haha. Overall I've played most MMORPG's through my childhood, started with runescape, then WoW and GW2 when I feel like switching around.

Like, I usually do quite dumb stuff when I'm tired and with some friends over voicechats, and when I was raiding SoO during late MoP, it became a thing that I never really had any clothes on me due to laundry or summerheat, so my guildmate and friend was like "Dude, what are you doing? I'm coming to get you for some food" just after we paused the raid, and tired as I were, I didn't even realise I was naked when I went out and jumped into his car. Guess that's one of the more memorable things that happened during gaming for me.

I am hoping to find the social aspect of the game again by joining Sorted, to get to know new people, not to play a singleplayer game with an occasional "Hello" in group chat. I want to feel that there's a place in this game for me, and that that place is for everyone. I too want to experience all content first hand, and the game gets so much better if you play with friends.

Sec 3:
Game: WoW EU, server Tarren Mill
Character name: Tropickiwi
Class and race: Shaman, orc
Level, spec: 110, Restoration

Right now, I have quite a flexible schedule, but would prefer NOT to raid on thursdays, since I work quite late and isn't home until 11:30 pm. The other days shouldn't be a problem, around 19-20:ish. I'm interest in both raiding, rated pvp and questing.

I raided SoO during pandaria, otherwise I've just focused on pvp because the lack of friends to play with.

Well, I suppose I'd be willing to respec, but I'd prefer to just heal.

Thank you. :)

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Re: VanishedSoup Application

Postby Specktor » Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:29 pm

Welcome to Sorted, you may punch Agro once for free but please be gentle

Forum permissions updated.

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Re: VanishedSoup Application

Postby Vale » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:44 am

Welcome to Sorted

Whisper Valereborn in game for a inv

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