ORiGiN's application

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ORiGiN's application

Postby ORiGiN » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:34 am

Section 1
1.1 General Online Name: ORiGiN
1.2 Where are you? (Country, City): South Africa, Cape Town
1.3 How did you find Sorted? (Forums, Friend suggested etc): Through my friend PanDaR and that KaneRAT person xD.
1.4 Do you have Discord (Voice Comms)? Yes

Section 2
2.1 Know anyone in Sorted? A bit of vouching goes a long way!: PanDaR and KaneRAT
2.2 Tell us a bit about you, where you are from, your gaming history, your game genre preferences etc: I'm 22, living in Cape Town and currently studying. I've been gaming since 2005, starting with Age of Empires (1) but only started gaming online in 2008 (Dota). My favorite game is Dota 2 and I have been playing Dota since 2007. I also enjoy competitive fps games such as CSGO, Overwatch and back in the day COD4(MW).
2.3 Give us an example of something funny that happened to you while gaming. This question counts double marks!: I was playing Dota2 with a 5 stack of friends. I was the carry and it was a very close game. All of a sudden I smelt the most dreadful smell and realize my really very old dog had taken a dump in my room. I continued playing as I didn't want to let the team down but vocalized my discomfort, laughter then ensued and after the next major team fight we finally paused so that I could attend to the problem. Needless to say the situation tends to repeat itself from time to time.
2.4 What are you hoping for from Sorted? : A fun gaming community that I can learn from and be exposed to more challenges.

The following section needs only to be answered if you intend on joining Sorted on Any of our MMO's (GW2 and/or WoW). If you have no intention of joining for any of these MMOs you may skip section 3.

Section 3
3.1 Game (GW2, WoW please specify EU or NA) ?: WoW EU
3.2 Character Name: Maphiston (so far)
3.3 Character Race and Class: Blood Elf Retribution Paladin
3.4 Level & Spec: 110, Retribution
3.5 If you were to Raid/PvP, what days and times suit you for group activity?:I am studying at the moment so it is hard to dedicate an exact slot.
3.6 How long have you been playing MMOs for?: In total probably just over a year. I started in 2010 on a unofficial South African server and played for almost the entire year and I played for a couple of month last year on official servers. I have also played Diablo 3 for half a year.
3.7 Any previous raiding experience?: (eg. WoW Ulduar with Sorted on Whisperwind): No prior raiding experience.
3.8 Do you PvP?: Yes, but prefer PVE
3.9 If necessary, would you be okay respeccing your toon to fill a need in Sorted?: Yes, but would like to keep one of the specs as I desire.

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Re: ORiGiN's application

Postby Specktor » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:38 am

Crap you know Kanerat :/

Welcome anyway! forum permissions updated

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Re: ORiGiN's application

Postby Vale » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:43 am

Welcome. Haven't seen allot of Ret pallys around. Nice to know Marzz is not the only one left :P

Whisper me in game for a inv.

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Re: ORiGiN's application

Postby Marz » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:56 pm

A kindred spirit!
Ret for life

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