Mehuinen - (V) Demon Hunter Application

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Mehuinen - (V) Demon Hunter Application

Postby Mehuinen » Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:39 pm

Section 1
1.1 General Online Name: I wasn't sure so::Aatami/Mehuinen/Mehukas /// (Tag Pena#**** (My nickname))

1.2 Where are you? (Country, City): Finland, Seinäjoki - GMT +2 (or +3 according to this website)

1.3 How did you find Sorted? (Forums, Friend suggested etc): Forums, I saw you may need a tank.

1.4 Do you have Discord (Voice Comms)? Discord, yes. I think it's the best there is.

Section 2
2.1 Know anyone in Sorted? A bit of vouching goes a long way!: I don't, I'm currently just a social in a Finnish guild in which three or four of my friends raid, but
it seems tanks are quite easy to find these days and the core of the guild know each other so it doesn't look good for me to get much raid time with them.

2.2 Tell us a bit about you, where you are from, your gaming history, your game genre preferences etc: I'm a Finnish man, 27 years old, originally from a town with population under 2000, moved to Seinäjoki back in 2005 to study and studies were screwed up by the World of Warcraft. I have played games all my life, WoW I played a little in beta and really started playing WoW couple of weeks after Europe release, so pretty much since the begnning. Past year I have played a lot of Grim Dawn and before that I played a lot of Path of Exile and before that a lot of Diablo 3, but now mostly WoW:Legion. So i think my favorite genre is RNGRPG, I also love those choice based games a lot.

2.3 Give us an example of something funny that happened to you while gaming. This question counts double marks! : Drunken Heroic Dragon Soul Ultraxion progress. We had unscheduled raid with alts and we cleared that so fast we were thinking "well let's just go practice some tactics for Ultraxion for an hour or so" and we accidentally downed him in couple of tries after wiping to him for hours in previous raids. The next morning I wasn't sure if I had dreamed that. (I'm the paladin tank Mehukas)

2.4 What are you hoping for from Sorted? : Honestly some raid time at least would be nice, pretty much running out of things to do with my main, been leveling a shadow priest in my free time. Also hoping for the usual,
maturity, some dedication and Sorted things.

Section 3
3.1 Game (GW2, WoW please specify EU or NA) ?: WoW-EU

3.2 Character Name: Mehuinen

3.3 Character Race and Class: Blood Elf - Demon Hunter

3.4 Level & Spec: 110 - Vengeance

3.5 If you were to Raid/PvP, what days and times suit you for group activity?: Don't really care what the raiding days are, I can work the little things I have around WoW,
if I have some work I go to work in the morning or do some tasks during the day.

3.6 How long have you been playing MMOs for?: 12 years.. it seems.

3.7 Any previous raiding experience?: (eg. WoW Ulduar with Sorted on Whisperwind): Not with Sorted, but killed all but Yogg in Ulduar before I started my mandatory army service.
A quick summary: Vanilla:: All but C'thun,, Four bosses in Naxx,,TBC:: Three bosses in Sunwell and everything before them,,WOTLK:: ICC10 8 HC kills/25 6or7 HC kills,,Cata:: Dragon Soul 10 6/8HC,,
Most of Normal in MoP,, WoD never bought,, Legion 6 days as a tank.

3.8 Do you PvP?: Not really, but it may interest me because of no need for arenas which I have always hated.

3.9 If necessary, would you be okay respeccing your toon to fill a need in Sorted?: Prefer to tank, but if I need to do DPS I rather try it with shadow priest, it feels not boring.

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Re: Mehuinen - (V) Demon Hunter Application

Postby Specktor » Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:49 pm

Welcome to Sorted Mehuinen, enjoy your stay!

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Re: Mehuinen - (V) Demon Hunter Application

Postby Vale » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:22 pm

Welcome to Sorted!

Drunk raiding makes for interesting stories, hahaha.

Please add valereborn in game for a guild inv.

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Re: Mehuinen - (V) Demon Hunter Application

Postby Marz » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:14 am

Ye shadow priests do seem interesting at the moment. The whole insanity idea is quite exciting and potentially killing yourself :P

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