Zoomer Application Form

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Zoomer Application Form

Postby Zoomer » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:22 pm

Zoomer Application Form

Section 1
1.1 General Online Name: Swegbandit/Zoomer
1.2 Where are you? (Country, City): South Africa, Cape-Town
1.3 How did you find Sorted? (Forums, Friend suggested etc): S4V3D
1.4 Got Mumble? Yes

Section 2
2.1 Know anyone in Sorted? A bit of vouching goes a long way!: Yes, S4V3D
2.2 Tell us a bit about you, where you are from, your gaming history, your game genre preferences etc: Grown up in Cape-Town, built my own gaming PC, part by part. been playing games for almost 8 years now. I play games like dota2, Titanfall, ARK, CS GO, COD. Anything really. Ark is my addiction atm.
2.3 Give us an example of something funny that happened to you while gaming. This question counts double marks! : I was busy playing a very very tense Dota2 game, chair broke-landed up on the floor-lost the game. Was not funny at the time, but yeah, it is pretty funny now.
2.4 What are you hoping for from Sorted? : Looking for fun people to game with, tired of people who play for themselfs.

The following section needs only to be answered if you intend on joining Sorted on Any of our MMO's (GW2 and/or WoW). If you have no intention of joining for any of these MMOs you may skip section 3.

Section 3
3.1 Game (GW2, WoW) ?:
3.2 Character Name:
3.3 Character Race and Class:
3.4 Level & Spec:
3.5 If you were to Raid/PvP, what days and times suit you for group activity?:
3.6 How long have you been playing MMOs for?:
3.7 Any previous raiding experience?: (eg. WoW Ulduar with Sorted on Whisperwind):
3.8 Do you PvP?:
3.9 If necessary, would you be okay respeccing your toon to fill a need in Sorted?:

Please realise that as a new member you will not be guaranteed a raiding team. With that said however, there is always something to do within the community

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Re: Zoomer Application Form

Postby S4V3D » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:26 pm

ai ai ai.. this guy and his user name. can admin change it to zoomer pls (serious request). and yes i can vouch for him... if we dont like him we just give him de booooooot.. hahaha
I play games!! Nuff said!

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Re: Zoomer Application Form

Postby Yokochan » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:37 pm

User name updated :) I did consider adding princess in there actually.

Welcome to Sorted! Hopefully you have a better chair now, dino taming can be super intense.

Forum permissions updated.

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Re: Zoomer Application Form

Postby Zoomer » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:43 pm

Thank you Yokochan :)

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